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Are you looking for hardwood flooring refinishing?

Providence Hardwood Flooring is a Rhode Island based company that offers sanding and hardwood refinishing to restore your worn out wood flooring. We recommend that you go through the complete sanding/refinishing process if your hardwood floors have been damaged beyond what our sandless process can handle. Although it is possible to replace your hardwood floors completely, it can be quite costly. Refinishing your hardwood is usually the more affordable option.

Wooden Surface

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Providence Process

1. Preparation

We will return your home in the same condition as it was before we began our work. To help keep dust from flying everywhere, we will be sure to take the proper precautions to protect your home.

2. Sanding

The floor is then sanded using a 3-step process of a semi-rough, medium and fine grit paper. We won’t cut corners by using extra-rough grit papers as this will reduce the floor's life expectancy. Special sanders can even be used under cabinets and radiators to make sure that we properly prep every corner in the process.

3. Buffing

We then buff the floor using a 2-step process. This blends all areas and smoothens the floor. The first buffing is done using a fine-grit sandpaper and after that we’ll repeat the process with an even finer screen— this will help to smooth it out even more.

4. Corners

We mostly use hand scraping to get around corners and tight spaces. This allows us to blend corners perfectly with the rest of the floor.

5. Cleaning

After the sanding and buffing are done, it is very important that we clean up thoroughly. This includes vacuuming floors, walls and counters. Clean working areas allow us to achieve the best floor finish. 

6. Staining

This is where the new stain is applied if you have chosen to change the floor's color. Water treatment is used before any stain job. It opens up the pores in the wood and gives you the most rich, evenest stain possible. We can skip this step if you want the natural beauty of your floors to shine through.

7. Finalization

The first coat of finish is applied after the staining. You can choose the type of finish coat (oil or water, rubio monocoat, or rubio monocoat), as well as the sheen level (matte/semi-gloss, semi-gloss, gloss). We then buff the floors after your finish is dry completely. This will remove any dirt or other debris from the floor and give it a smooth and durable finish. 

8. Final Coat

We then finish the floor by staining it, applying one coat of finish, and then buffing and vacuuming between each coat. A floor will last many years if it has three proper coats.

How Often Do You Need to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on what type of wood it is and how often it wears. Floors usually show signs of age within ten years. However, floors with a lot more foot traffic or direct sunlight might need to be refinished sooner.

Refinishing hardwood floors can give them a new look and a new color. However, too many refinishes can cause damage to their beauty. Do not refinish hardwood floors just to make them look better— this will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your flooring.


In addition to Providence, RI we service the following areas:

  • Cranston

  • Warwick

  • Pawtucket

  • East Providence

  • Woonsocket

  • Newport

  • Central Falls

  • Westerly

  • Smithfield


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