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Hardwood flooring that'll make you feel at home.

  • Hardwood Flooring Providence RI uses only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your flooring will last a lifetime.

  • We have plenty of hardwood flooring options to suit any style or taste in Providence and surrounding areas.

  • We offer services for hardwood flooring and hardwood floor refinishing as well as vinyl plank and tile installation.

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Finding the right hardwood flooring in Providence, RI can be tough!

Our installation process is second-to-none. We have years of experience doing beautiful installations for homes and businesses alike, ensuring that each installation is done with care and precision. If you have your own designs or ideas to share, we're happy to work with you on them— We love hearing new ideas and are thrilled to bring your vision to life! We will always do our best to make your project look flawless and guarantee satisfaction from start to finish. Call our hardwood flooring team today and we will be happy to help get your project moving!

We have some of the best sources for hardwood flooring in Providence.

Providence Hardwood Flooring has expert flooring installers who are both qualified to meet our high standards and share the same determination to make sure our clients are getting the best experience possible. We are proud of our high-quality and high-standard reputation and we appreciate our clients for allowing us to demonstrate that there is someone local who truly cares about our industry. Every member of our team has been raised with the principles and beliefs that have helped us succeed and become the one of the best hardwood flooring companies in Rhode Island. They are driven to succeed and have the same determination as us to do so. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

To achieve the best look and durability, we only use the finest quality products on the market. When installing or refinishing hardwood flooring, there is no use cutting corners by using an inferior product. The fact is that the flooring in your home gets a ton of wear and tear and when spending money on a product like new hardwood flooring, you want to be sure that it will last a long time. Providence Hardwood Flooring's goal is to offer the best services available in the business. We look forward to welcoming you to our family. We are proud of our high-quality and high-standard work and we appreciate the chance to help you with your next project. We proudly serve Providence, CranstonWarwick, Pawtucket, Newport, East Providence, Woonsocket, Newport, Central Falls, Westerly and Smithfield.


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If you are located in one of our service areas and have any questions about hardwood floor refinishing or need help selecting the right product for your flooring needs, call us today at (401) 214-2536. We are confident you will find what you're looking for within our wide selection of products and styles. Providence Hardwood Flooring only uses only the best materials and techniques to ensure that your floors will last a lifetime.

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Services We Offer

We offer a variety of services from Hardwood Flooring Installations to LVP installations and beyond. 


Hardwood Flooring Installation

Finding the right flooring can seem like a daunting task but we are here to make it easy for you. Our hardwood floor installers will be happy to come out and give you a free quote and consultation on how you should tackle your next project! We will be sure to bring some samples so that you can see exactly what kind of product we are working with.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Our hardwood floor refinishing techniques can give your floor a new lease on life! We know how exciting it can be to pull up an old carpet and discover a beautiful floor underneath and want to help you preserve this in your home. We are the best in class for hardwood floor refinishing and guarantee our client’s satisfaction with our service.

Flooring Wooden Floor

Vinyl Plank Installation

Our flooring technicians also specialize in Vinyl Plank Installation and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) products. These kinds of installations are popular with homeowners who are trying to attain a certain “look” in their home as there are many, many different style options.

Tile Installation

Along with hardwood flooring, we can give you a quote on your next tile installation project! Whether you have a bathroom, kitchen or basement that needs new tile, we do it all! Reach out and call us today and we will be ecstatic to go over some options with you.

Modern Bathroom

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It's never been easier or more convenient to find the right flooring company in Providence, RI.


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What's the difference between unfinished and prefinished flooring?

Prefinished hardwood floors are sealed at the factory with multiple coats of finish. To provide a durable protective finish, the coats often contain aluminum oxide.

Unfinished flooring must be completed on-site. Site-finished floors are usually better at resisting moisture above the floor.

What does moisture do to my hardwood flooring?

A hardwood floor can be damaged by moisture and can cause problems including cracking, cupping and crowning. Excessive moisture can eventually cause damage to hardwood floors. It is best to not use too much water when cleaning and to quickly mop up any spills as soon as they happen.

Is it possible to install hardwood flooring in the basement?

Yes, but only if engineered hardwood flooring or LVP is used. Because of the excessive moisture, solid hardwood floors shouldn't be installed below grade. They will contract and expand from excess moisture and eventually cause other issues.

How can I protect my floors from premature finish wear?

It is easy to protect the floor from wear by following the manufacturer's recommended cleaning routine. Use damp cloths or the vacuum instead of wet mops. Rugs can also be used to protect the floor from early wear. Plastic or felt discs can be placed under furniture to prevent them scratching the flooring.

What are the various moldings? How are they applied?

  • To hide expansion gaps left by walls during installation, the Quarter Round molding is used.

  • Reducer molding can be used to transition between the height of sub-floor and the height of hardwood floor.  

  • Stair tread molding is a single-piece molding that covers the entire structural stair tread.  

  • The T molding can be used to create thresholds in doors or as a transition strip between hardwood flooring and carpet of a similar height. You can also use T moldings to alter the direction of the floor.

  • Stair Nose molding covers the tread of a step or tread.

What are the advantages of hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring has many advantages including:

  • an increase in home value

  • a variety of styles and options to personalize the appearance

  • multiple installation methods

  •  ease of cleaning and maintenance

  • hypo-allergenic

  • warmth, and durability.

Is it possible to install a hardwood flooring over a vinyl one?

It depends on each individual case. It may be possible to place an engineered hardwood flooring on top of vinyl that is attached securely to the subflooring. Call Providence Hardwood Flooring today and we will be able to help you figure out whether or not this is possible.

When should hardwood floors get installed?

To avoid moisture and potential damage to the hardwood, do not finish the installation while the house is being constructed or renovated. It is best to wait until you get to the last steps of your project to install the hardwood flooring.

Wooden Surface

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I am so happy with Providence Hardwood Flooring. My floors have never looked better! The installation process was easy and the installers were friendly and efficient. I am more than happy with my new flooring, I would recommend this to everyone!

Jen B. - Warwick, RI

After getting our new home and being in the market for wood flooring, we found Providence Hardwood Flooring. We ended up buying from them and couldn't be happier with their service. Our installers showed up on time every day, worked steadily, and cleaned up at the end of each day. It was amazing to have a contractor who puts this kind of attention into the details.

John G. - Providence, RI

I've used Providence Hardwood Flooring twice now, and both times were very positive. I couldn’t find a better price anywhere and they had the job done FAST. Thanks again!

-Mary T. - Smithfield, RI

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